Hello Cafe Fans,
These are the Official Contract Addresses Of CafeSwap Finance.
Do Take a look and stay away from scammers who are pretending to be CafeSwap.
Staking Addresses
Token Addresses
CafeSwap Token(BREW): 0x790Be81C3cA0e53974bE2688cDb954732C9862e1​
CafePool Token(CAF&#201): 0x8D5Ad40Dc0A7B3614096a013f55D02B5677803E8​
CafeSwap Dex Addresses
Security Feature Addresses
TimeLock BREW Masterchef : 0x60F064e42D89F765f6d01DE3Ce7097C65df4105b​
Stay #SAFU
Last modified 1yr ago