Roadmap 2021

This is the Roadmap/To-do list for 2021.
This roadmap is not strictly time-based and will be followed in a flexible manner we will deliver these developments as fast as we can.
This documentation will track the progress of developments done.
CafeSwap Roadmap 2021
Completed Developments
  • Partnership Staking Pools
  • CafeSwap Mainnet DEX
  • Normal Lottery
  • Smart Vaults
  • Initial Cafe Offerings
  • Mocha Token
  • Dual Farming
  • UI/UX Revamp
Upcoming Developments
  • Liquidity Zap
  • Liquidity Migrate
  • Cross Chain (Polygon)
  • Special 1000 NFTs
  • Gamified ICO (NFT Staking)
  • Dex Charting Integration
  • Trading Competition And Portfolio Managment
  • Lossless Lottery Vaults
  • CafeSwap Starter