Chain: Polygon(Matic) Network
Decimals: 18
Token Ticker: pBREW
Max Supply: 250 Million
pBREW token is the main token powering the polygon ecosystem of the cafeswap platform
The Supply of pBREW will be controlled by Burning mechanisms and through Betting Games, ICO, Staking Pool Burn Fees, We will be closely working on new burning mechanisms.

Emission pBREW

Distribution Of pBREW Tokens

Distributed to
pBREW Token Distribution
Farming & Staking Pool
200 Million (8-10 years)
Swap Fee Mining
50 Million

Developers Fund

10 % of pBREW harvested from farms is sent to the dev address, Which will be used for marketing partnerships and other community activities
  • Betting Burning Mechanism.
  • ICO Burning Mechanism.
  • BuyBack and Burn.
  • Liquidity Suction Vaults